Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Page Rank Means?

Okay, I am going to brag about PR3 that this blog got recently. :)

PR or Page Rank is how fast is your website show up as the search result on PR10 is google, facebook is PR9. So you can guest how popular your website or blog need to be in PR8. I found this one on a website:

Ranks and what they mean in simple terms:
0] You're not even listed on Google PageRank list.
1] Very poor, but hey - at least you are listed.
2] Poor, but you have potential to move up and it can be done.
3] Average. You have good information and most websites fall in this ball park.
4] Above average. You're sprinting away from the majority.
5] Good. Page Rank 5 will usually pop up on the first page of some searches.
6] Great. You've worked hard and have great information.
7] You're hot and you're one of the top sites. Your peer is Zillow.
8] You’re super hot, and your peers are CNBC, EBay, Bing, American Idol.
9] Everyone wants you, you are like: Youtube, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Amazon.
10] Finally, the 10s: Google, CNN,, and social bookmarking website AddThis.

I did some SEO on my own to this blog to reach PR2. But after that I stop and just focus on the content of this blog, and this is what I learned:
Content is the king!

So keep on going, write more good stuffs on your website or blog. I am sure you will get higher PR soon. Good luck! :)

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