Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Phone care - cleaning your phone

More and more people switch to bigger screen phone/smartphone/pocket pc, because they are getting cheaper nowadays and many other functions that basic phones can't do, example camera, wifi, gprs, 3G, etc. Usually these phone come with screen protector and some people switch to a better quality screen protector.

With screen protector or not, you will end up with oily screen that come from your hand, or face when pickup phone call. I am a good example because I have an oily face.

So what is the best way to clean your oily screen? I found out to use the same kind of cloths that use to clean glasses (some part of the world call it spectacles) is the best method to clean the phone screen. You can get it from optical shop for less than few dollars. Cheap and good! Some people might already using the cloths for LCD cleaning, it should be the same cloth! But if you think the spray does help, why not? But for my the cloth alone is good enough. :)

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