Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flickr is now 1TB

Yup, 1TB (terabytes), not GB. Unlike or which offers the best free 50GB free space, Flickr is now 1TB, that is 20 times of or free account. And it is free. Either old or new users, everyone now get 1TB.

I wonder if I can convert Flickr to store other types of file. You know what I mean.

Before Flickr revised the rules, free users can only upload 300MB per month, so it will take like like 278 years to fully use up the 1TB. Luckily now Flickr has unlimited upload of max picture size of 200MB and video up to 1GB.

For my 1M Streamyx broadband package, if I would fully use the line for upload photos only, it will take 180 days to used up the 1TB.
1TB = 1,000GB = 1,000,000MB = 1,000,000,000kB
Max upload speed = 64kB
1000000000kB/64kB = 15625000 seconds = 260,416 minutes = 4340 hours = 180 days

Meaning I will never used up the 1TB. But yahoo already win, because it will attract users back to Flickr.

If you already have yahoo account, just use yahoo account to login.

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source: saw it while on wild wild web

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