Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free 50GB from AT&T Locker

Looks like there are more and more companies jump on this online storage wagon even though it is a red ocean. US largest telco, AT&T is the new member of this online storage.

All free users of AT&T Locker should be getting 5GB only, but no file size limit. If register now, you can get free upgrade to 50GB permanently until AT&T change their mind. There is no limit to AT&T users only. I am not in US and not AT&T subscriber and I still getting the 50GB.

So how to get the free 50GB?

1. Register at AT&T Locker

2. Wait for the confirmation email to reach your inbox/gmail/etc. Click on the link in the email to activate your AT&T Locker account. Check the spam folder if you can't find it in the inbox after a while.

3. After the confirmation done, click on "Account Setting" on top right side [next to "Logout"].

4. Click on "My Plan" to expand the menu. Be patient, it might take a while to refresh. [Some might getting email address not being confirm yet, go back to Step 2].

5. You should see "Current Plan" is 5GB only. Click on the button "Upgrade Plan".

6. Click on the "50GB Limited Time Offer", click "Continue", wait for it [coz it is slow], and click "Confirm" or "Okay" or something like that [coz I forgot what was it :P]

7. Go back to "Account Setting" and click "My Plan" again, you should see 50GB now.

The AT&T Locker home page never mention how long this offer last, so act now to secure another free 50GB of online storage. :)

p/s: mobile apps available for iOS and Android. Search for AT&T Locker in apps store.

p/s 2: the service still new, so expect to have bugs from time to time.

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