Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Use your phone as ruler?

Ever thought of your phone can use as a ruler? Well, by attaching a laser transmitter and laser sensor and also a measurement software, you should able to get very accurate ruler. Just joking, but this kind of software does exist, not as accurate as laser ruler la.
Introducing dwRuler. It is a freeware, so don't need to be worry about the money. Haha.

After install it and before start to use you need to calibrated it with a real ruler. IMHO, the software will based on the length you key in and make some simple calculations to determine the ruler that going to show on your phone screen. You can also set the unit in cm or inch. As for the dm/m/ft, I am not sure why it is there at first place, haha.

I did compare the ruler this software rendered with the real ruler, quite accurate. What can I expect more when the real ruler I have also not very accurate one la. Haha.

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