Friday, October 8, 2010

Mark Zuckerberg Raps!

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Facebook. He was worth $1.5 billion on year 2008 (#785 on Forbes list), and now he is now $6.5 billion, #35 on Forbes 400 list! Thanks to you all that plays Facebook games all day long, he is now one of the riches under 30 person in the world! Someone make a video to rap on/by him(?), hahah, Enjoy!

Lyrics after the jump:

They call me Young Zuck just a punk
Tryna be in finals clubs no girls showin’ me love
But I don’t give a fuck
I was made to be great facemashin’ all my dates
As I crash the network — college aged Bill Gates
Not really a creep — okay, maybe social geek
You can check out my blog I’m telling it when I speak
Programmin up in my sleep I don’t got many peeps
For friends — Eduardo he was one of them
I guess — yes, well lemme get this off my chest
I believe I’m the best when it comes to CS
Facebook — yo, that was my idea
Don’t let them Winklevosses tell you that I steal
For real. I got the Napster as my bro
And he knows that this thing is about to blow
So I’ma hop on a plane to Palo Alto
Call up Peter Thief and well…you know

I’ll be C.E.O (yo!) x 2

Couple years go by I’m worth a couple of bill
And all these haters want a piece they jus need to chill
I look back on the site I was about to build
And never thought or dreamed that it could be this ill
I still got Asian groupies giving me brain
But now the phoenix is the name of my private plane
I abstain from doin’ drugs cuz I know cocaine
Can really cause some peeps to go kind of insane
But it’s kind of okay yea I’ve made mistakes
500 million friends ain’t that easy to make
I went from wiring in to be in Wired magazine
And there’s no AEPI when I fly Caribbean
Facebook — yo, it was meant to be
A social network expert or my destiny
jus a hacker turned legit a slacker and misfit
But my business cards say I’m C.E.O bitch



catureko said...

ora ngerti bahasane mas,,, thx for tutorial,,, knjungan balik yaa

吹水 - CHUI SUI said...

thanks cetureko

Jocuri de gatit said...

Now im inspired to visit!)

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