Sunday, May 8, 2011

Phishing email again

I am getting phishing email again (previous phishing email), this time the email is faking CIMB bank. See print screens after the jump:
Print screen from my gmail, even they fake the sender to be called People that being panic would click to the link and give out they confidential information.

I want to see how do they fake the website, but FireFox already block it, nice work FireFox!

Too bad this website already being reported to authority and it has been suspended, otherwise I can print screen the fake CIMB website.

People, please be careful. Do not response to any of the email the requesting us to key in our account id/name and password. Please call to bank to confirm such request, and also do not call to the phone number listed in the email, they will fake a bank call center to trick us to give the information they wanted. Just google the real bank website and find the phone number and call. If still in doubt, just call the authority.

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