Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sony Vaio Z teardown by Vaio Z Designer

Has been a while no teardown posted here, now it is time for another one. I am always a fan of teardown since I know how to use a skew driver. I haev opened up old TV set, amplifier, radio, telephone, handphone/cellphone, anything that I can open up at home I will do it. Most of the time these stuffs still working after I assembly back, luckily. I should get a job on teardown stuffs. :)

Anyway, this is a teardown video on latest Sony Vaio Z by Sony official channel on youtube, called Sony Sgnl (pronounced as "Signal").

Fast forward to time 0:30~0:40 to see super speed of teardown, follow by the explanation of the design. Pretty cold, I would like to get one, if I strike a lottery. :)

Please come back tomorrow for the video that the same person putting back the Sony Vaio Z, in super speed as well! :D

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source: Sony and youtube!

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