Sunday, November 13, 2011

Outdated Penang Uncle PageRank

PageRank of this blog is not consistent. I did reach PR1 last year, but then it drop to zero after Google panda update. Don't ask me what is panda update, google it if you want. :P

Recently I found out this blog is getting PR2. Wow! Jump from zero to PR2!

This is the snapshot of PR check on

This is the snapshot of PR check on

Some blogging/website experts told that backlink is very important to PageRank, most important is quality backlink. I am not hiring anyone to create backlink to this blog. All I did is just comment on other blog and website of my opinion on their articles.

How about you? How you promote your blog/website?

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Adino said...

Congrats on getting PageRank 2!

I notice PageRank fluctuating a few months ago, don't know if that was the Panda update you were talking about.

Mine went down to zero too before reverting back to the original.

ahsiang said...

Thanks Adino!

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