Thursday, November 17, 2011

Teach your children electric or electronics

How do you teach children about electric or electronics? By using broadboard like this?
Pix source: Wikipedia

Only if they are more grown up right? What if you want to teach 3 or 5 years old about electric or electronics? Using breadboard is not really a good choice because breadboard is small and not easy to use. Even sometime myself also find it difficult to plug in some components into breadboard.

So how about using some material that can be find at home and make learning electronics a fun stuff?

Squishy circuits are a project from Thomas Lab at University of St. Thomas. Here is the TED video of the demonstration of Squishy circuit:

This is how to make a conductive dough:

This is how to make a insulating dough:

This is how to play squishy circuits with young children:

Visit Squishy Circuits official website for more detail:

Here are 2 posts on how to dowload TED video:

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source: video from TED and youtube and squishy circuit

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