Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Disable BaiduYun add-ins on Outlook

Hey, the last tutorial that I wrote was 2 months ago. Time flies huh.

I was trying out BaiduYun, a new web storage service from China. I installed the desktop client because I can sync the files that I found on some China websites that being shared on BaiduYun. However the desktop client is a very busy buddy software, it also installed add-ins to my Outlook. So whenever I open the Outlook, the BaiduYun icon will appear. It ever appear in every single email/message windows that I open on Outlook, very annoying. So how to get rid of it?

The best method is to uninstall BaiduYun desktop client, that will take care of the annoying logo on Outlook, but I will not able to sync the folder between my laptop and BaiduYun.

Another method is to disable the add-ins on Outlook, here is how:
1. On Outlook, go to Tools -> Trust Center -> Add-ins
2. At lower part of the Trust Center, there is a "Manage" section, choose "COM Add-ins" if it is not selected, then click "Go..." button.
3. A "COM Add-ins" windows will pop-up, uncheck "BaiduYun Addin" and then click "OK".
4. Now the "BaiduYun" icon now disappear from the Outlook.

Should applicable to Outlook 2007 and 2012.

Additional note: If you are sure to remove BaiduYun Addin, you can select to remove it, instead of just disable it on Step 3.

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