Monday, December 24, 2012

Managing Android from PC/Mac

Android and iOS can be activated without any PC or Mac. However for some it would be more convenient to manage their Android from PC or Mac. Example for those that don't like to sign up data plan.

SnapPea is written in China. What is not made in Chine nowadays? :P

It can organized your contacts, musics, and pictures on your Android. You can download free apps through SnapPea and SnapPea will install into your Android, no need to sign up any data plan. You can also write text message on your PC and send through the phone. Another attractive point of SnapPea is your can import music from iTunes, no need to manage another list.

Here is the feature video from SnapPea.

One thing I could not understand is the English version and Chinese version setup file as well as website are called different name. Just curious.

English website:

Chinese website:

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source: wild wild web
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