Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stop and relax for a moment

I found this site by accident and it is kind of fun to play with it once in a while. Try it la.

Making your own tone by clicking on the boxes. Click at same box for 2nd time to clear it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Running IE8/7/6 or Firefox3.5/3/2 or Safari4/3 or Google Chrome or Opera10/9 without installing them

Running software without need to install is getting more popular, well, at least I like it, very much, very very much. Because there will be no hassle or worry if want uninstall it. Sometime some software are too stubborn to be remove even though you use the “legal” uninstall process that come with the software. I have been using some software that just can be run from a thumb drive, it is kinda cool coz I could run them on almost all desktop/laptop as long as the OS support them. :)

I found this thing call “Browser Sandbox”few days ago. It actually available since Q1 2009 by a company that famous in virtualization technology called Xenocode. It is not 100% no-installation yet, you still have to install the sandbox for the first time, so that you can launch the browsers from the webpage.

What you need to do is to go to the webpage (link at below), click any of the browser you want to use, install the sandbox for the first time. (I think there was 2 stuffs you need to install, but I might be wrong). After sandbox being install, it will start to load the browser from the server. So it will depend on the network speed, I would not do it at my home, because I am OutdatedPenangUncle that uses the very famous (and always down) Streamyx and the most I get is 512k (actually is 64kbytes, coz 512k is in bits)…… Okay okay, I am too stingy not to upgrade to 1M or 2M, 512k is enough for normal surfing.

The process:

Anyway, I can run IE8, IE7 and Opera10 at same time with the sandbox. I have these below installed, so don’t bother to try on the sandbox:
1. The very outdated IE6 that came with the Windows (many links in my company still have to use this guy)
2. The very updated Firefox3.5.3 (the most use)
3. The long time no use Safari4 beta (coz I fall in love with Firefox…ooppssss, Honey, this kind of love is not the same love that I have with you ya :P)
4. The long time no use Chrome (this guy is too slow, going to uninstall it)
5. and yes, Maxthon (this guys is not a real browser, it just use which ever IE engine in your window, the usage come back up due to a web that still have to use either IE6 or this)

Opera10, IE8 and IE7 in action, the background is the sandbox webpage:

Why need to open so many type of web browser you might ask, because I am a geek, I just want to try out. But I don’t want the trouble to uninstall them in case I don’t like it. Also IE6/IE7/IE8 wouldn’t co-exist if you choose to install any of the newer version.

Oh ya, not to forgot the link to access the page to launch it

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