Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RON92, 95, and 97 petrol compatibility for Malaysia's local and foreign cars

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wolfenstein 3D...... for PPC

The first 3D action game on PC...... is now available for PPC. I don't think youngster nowadays know this game. Only uncle like me knows only :P
The 3D is quite smooth on my old HTC Touch, but the drawback is just like a few games I posted here before, the control. With very few buttons on HTC Touch, all control have to be on the touch screen. I still like it better on PC. Anyway, it is good to kill some time right? Hehehe.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another good old game - Moonlander

Moonlander, I definitely remember this game during 386/486 time. It might be different people writing this game for PC vs PPC, but the game play is more or less the safe, which is to land your rocket on the moon platform, safely. What else you want to do? :p
For my HTC Touch which has no phone keypad or keyboard, it is much more difficult to control the rocket with just the navigation buttons. I can't really press up and right at same time to keep the rocket from falling to left side, which I can easily do on PC or phone/PPC with keypad. Therefore my high score until today still sucks. :P For those smart phone/PPC with keypad, it will be a lot more fun to play.

Anyway, this game is a free game. And pretty damn small, so please enjoy yourself killing some time with this game while waiting for some one or something, you know what I mean. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

MLT - Not Free Game

Today I am going to introduce this "not-free" game. Meaning you need to pay for it to get the full game features out of it. But it is too wasted if not introduce it, hence this "My Little Tank".
The name is err.... a bit childish (Hongkie would call it "dai-B" :P). Why not just call it Tank!
Anyway, Astraware had a short-form for it -- "MLT", sounds cooler, hahah. The loading actually is quite fast on my HTC Touch, consider it is quite old and slow compare to all those new smartphone/ppc.

If you don't want to pay for it, you still can download it and play it as demo. The drawback with demo is you have to wait longer and longer from one stage to another, and you cannot change the tank color. Other than that, the game is not bad at all!

If you have keypad, that would be better with this game, coz I tried this game on my HTC Touch, it is a bit hard to press the fire button. But I think it would be easier for phone with keypad or keyboard. For me, I want to use the stylus to control the tank, so it will fire automatically. The bad thing about autofire is when you need to fire, it will not, coz it is waiting for the bullet that it just fired just now to hit something first. So end up being blow up by enemy :P. You will know what I mean when you play it, heheheh.

Anyway, it just controlling you tank and destroy other tanks or some specific targets. It will be come more and more tanks to destroy. At some stages you have to defend your base from being destroy by your enemy. Got a few types of tanks, you will getting more and more "harder-to-destroy" tanks at later stage. Meaning you have to fire a few times to destroy it lo. Basically it is about blow up your enemies. That is shooting game all about right? heheheh.

The sound is very good and clear. I like it the part it shake the screen a bit when you destroy a tank nearby. This make it more realistic although the color is not that real, hahah.

It is very easy to addicted to this game, every time I play it I play until my finger numb coz need to hold the phone what...... You should pay for it if you really like the game. It is some nice hardwork from the people that design and code it......

Now can I get a complementary copy from you there in Astraware? heheheh.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Parachute - bring back the good old memories......

I didn't remember I see this game during my childhood, but this game does bring up the memories back then. I was from poor family, only got the chance to see rich friends/cousins that playing their games. It was quite fun to watch the game play. Anyway, this Parachute is to emulate those kind of games. So the game is pretty straight forward, you must catch the parachuters the jumping down from the helicopter. The longer you play, the faster the parachuters come down. That's it. You can find the game from or other free ppc game web portal.

p/s: oppsss...... :P I onli realize that onli chinese websites has this, sorry for those couldn't read chinese, probably you can google it "Luke Game&Watch Parachute".


Photo of calculator that I want to show to my co-workers.
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