Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AngryBird for Windows is here!

I have been waiting for Angry Bird to come to Windows or Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile should have no luck at all, but finally Angry Bird is on Windows! Nice.

In case you don't know or not sure what is Angry Bird, watch this:

You can get free version of Angry Bird on Apple Apps store (for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/iWhatever), or Nokia phone or on Android marketplace. Windows Phone 7 users also can get Angry Bird in very near future. And where to get Angry Bird for Windows? here:
Intel AppUp is selling for $4.99 (that's US$).

Anyway, I found someone posting Angry Bird portable, no installation require, but do take note of the warning below.
Warning, download from this link and playing this software might violate your country's law or regulation.
Buy original, support original if you think you like to keep this game.

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Source: n8fanclub.com, appup.com

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