Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Put Picture Side by Side in Blogspot or Blogger?

Hi blogger out there, sometime we have pictures or photos to insert into our blog posting, however you should noticed that the pictures or photos cannot be placed side by side, and I did try to changed the setting during uploading the pictures to blogger, but it didn't help at all! After some googling, I found out that the option to place pictures side by side is not available in control panel for unknown reason. The easy part is to do HTML coding. 'HUH? how am I going to do that?!' you might have this thought, don't worry, this is very easy. For those already have experience with HTML, this is piece of cake! You can either use free image hosting site or upload the picture first to blogger and then make the HTML code changes, your choice.

Okay, lets go do it!

Method one - host your image from image hosting site

Thursday, January 28, 2010

S2U2 v2.30 is available!

Wow wow wow...... Really salute this fler, A_C. I really like S2U2, this apps allow me to change the unlock screen on my WinMo looks cooler than iPhone. Lots of theme to be change to coz a lot of nice people out there making the S2U2 skins/themes. So no ending of fun to make your WinMo phone looks cool and without need to pay extra money!!!!!! And yes S2U2 is free!

Now S2U2 v2.30 has the choice to slide from middle, not just from left like iPhone. I have downloaded it, going to update it on my phone tonight!

Get it here:

Changes of v2.30
- added option to replace the WM6.5 system manual lock (S2U2 Settings > Advanced).
i.e. press the system start icon/button, then press lock will start S2U2;
suggest to soft-reset after upgraded to this version; if it does not work, please refer to the FAQs.
- added option to change the position of the slider, either left or center (S2U2 Settings > Appearance).
new tags (s_S2DDismiss, s_S2DCancel, s_S2DView & s_CS2UText) added to lang.ini for the texts shown around the slider.
- added option to mirror the sliding text when the slider is on the center (S2U2 Settings > Appearance).
- added option to show "slide to dismiss/cancel" when the SMS/Email/Alarm/Reminder/Missed call is shown (S2U2 Settings > General).
- added option to show today's past appointments in italic font (S2U2 Settings > Appointment).
- added support for TouchFLO Music player; play TouchFLO Music in screen off and locked.
- added command switch -unlock for iLock2 to unlock S2U2.
- improved the CallerID compatibility on some non-English devices (again).
- fixed the BACK key not worked on some devices with the DPAD option turned on (S2U2 Settings > Others).
- a few minor bugs fixed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Phone stand for $1 (or any amount/currency you like)

If you like to watch video on your phone (those high power one la, iPhone, Nexus One, HTC HD, etc) or mp4 player (iTouch, china made one, etc), sometime just too lazy to hold it for long time, but can't find a suitable place to dock it? Video here show you how to make a phone stand with US$100 bill, but you can use any amount or currency you like lo......heheheh. Enjoy!

Also refer here on how to download and save the video into your computer.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OpnMarket - get your ppc freeware with it!

No, I didn't have typo, it is OpnMarket. It is an application develop by Usually I got to this website to find all sort of ppc freeware, now they make it even easier, coz you don't need to open your browser, search for it, download it, locate it and install it. All can be done within the apps. Cool right?

See the demo of the apps:

Get it here!

You have to register with to use this apps, but it is free (of course la!).
You can use mobile network connection (GPRS, etc) and also WIFI! This is really cool!, I can't wait to download it to my HTC Touch and try out at nearest coffee shop (that with free WIFI, of course la!).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is inside Google's Nexus One?

What is inside Google's Nexus One? I mean hardware wise.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Charge battery with WIFI signal!

Showcase at CES 2010 at LV! This is my dream charger. It capture WIFI signal and convert it back to electric charges and charge your handphone/smartphone/ppc. They will design it into a battery shape, that is even better, I can always charge my ppc at starb*ck. :P

I want one!

Watch it in youtube:
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