Monday, November 30, 2009

MS office tips

For those using MS office a lot!

Some tips for you:

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Nowadays thumb drive (or some call it USB drive/flash drive/some drive la) just very cheap these day. Well although it is not as cheap as hard disk per GB, the price is damn cheap compare to the day I bought my 128M thumb drive (it is M, not G).

Anyway, the main topic today is not thumb drive, but portable software. We no longer need to install the software that we want use every time we go to another computer/laptop/etc. Some nice people out there just too kind to create the portable version of the software (some might piss off the original author though :P). What you can do is to download and unzip them into your thumb drive (and some need to tweak a little bit maybe, depend on how portable it is), and you can bring it anywhere with you.
So when you see your friends don't have a software on his/her laptop/computer that you want to use, you can just plug your thumb drive into the USB and you are good to go!

So here are some of the web sites that provide the portable software:
This web is super fast with the updated version of the software they have it there. I got most of the software I wanted at here. All of them are legal to be portable (I think).

More choices here, but update is slower. But it still a good source of portable software, in fact this is the most portable software I could find so far. Not all are legal to be portable (I think), just be careful.

Only Microsoft Movie Maker. I just found out this one after I was frustrated the way you have to go through to download this Movie Make from Microsoft website.

Only Opera (web brower). The people at Opera are kind enough to give out free version of portable Opera. So this one is legal one lo.

5. Torrent
You can find all sort of pirated and portable at the same time software at some torrent site. I wouldn't tell you, but you know how to find them la...... heheheheh.

"Install" this word going to be disappear some day, I hope the sooner the better. YEAH!
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