Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to change boring Office Communicator to not so boring

Do you use MS Office Communicator? Many companies actually allow Office Communicator, but block Windows Live Messenger (WLM) at the office. But communicator is very boring, super boring.

Unlike WLM, communicator don't have animated smiley, also you can't change the name/status as you like.

If you Google around, there are some solution to change the status of communicator, but you need to do some hacking, which some people don't like to do.

So Jak wrote a tool to help to change the status as you like. Also there is the problem with the hacking mentioned above, which is you need internet access, if your company don't allow internet access, there is nothing happen after the hacking, Mr Jak fixed that also.

My co-worker can't stop laughing with the "Busy being awesome" status. :D

Okay, you need to just download, install and change the status of communicator.
Note: remember to run as administrator in Windows 7.

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Source: www.jak.cx

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