Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What the ****?

I was spammed by someone or some company on a stock challenge game. Never mind, I was interested what it is about, so click the link and it goes to

Okay, then click register. Guess what I get to?

WHAT THE ****? Your IT not back to work from CNY holiday ar?

Really frustrated with the website of many Malaysian companies, this is really sucks! We are going into Web 3.0, and this is the service you got???!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

adsense report generator

hahah, adsense report generator, show off people the money you make from adsense, any amount you want!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Turn dump phone to smart phone!

SK Telecom demo'd that dump phone can be smart after all. By putting a processor, an Android OS, some apps, and 1GB of memory into a sim card, any dump phone supposedly can be come a smart phone, pretty cool huh!

Uncle play game during CNY

Completed the story mode of Warfare Incorporated during this CNY on my HTC Touch, heheheh.

This game really good with quite interesting story. Also got a lot of people write the mission out there. Also it really cool to play command & concur style of game on my PPC and it don't lack at all on my old HTC Touch (Elfin)! Even with more than hundred units and building, it don't lack at all. Why don't those people that write game for PC refer to them huh? Especially Age of Empire by M*soft which was super lack on my first PC.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating. :)
Wish you a very prosperous new year ahead!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still remember the resistor color code?

I bought a power adapter last month to power an air ionizer. This air ionizer was used on mum's old car, now the car mainly sit still. So I figure if I could use the ionizer in my room, I can save some money not to buy a new air ionizer. I bought the power adapter from a HongKong online shop.

This is the power adapter I bought:

Unfortunately, as expected the quality of this power adapter not so good, after a week or two, it stop functioning. Opening it up and the only thing that does not looks right is a resistor that has part of it's skin come out. I think that should be the one that got burned. So my next step is to replace the resistor, but somehow I couldn't remember this resistor color code that I was so proud of during uni time.
So go to google:

Going to buy that resistor and fix that power adaptor. But I still have the old soldering iron to dig out, it should be somewhere in the house, but just couldn't remember where is it......

See also the google ads for superbowl:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Floating Nuffnang Skyscrapper Ads Unit

Hi Blogger, if you are blogging for Malaysia specifically and have nuffnang account, you can try this method to increase your nuffnang and blog hit. Well, according to the blogger listed at below la. Go to their link to see how to do it.

I have already done it, see the nuffnang box on right bottom of this blog? It should be safe, according this guys:

Happy earning!

Hope you will enjoy this post, subscribe to my RSS or mailing list or follow me on blogger or twitter. :)

Putting smart brain in dump phone

"Looks like the LG LU9400 Arena Maxmight be the first featurephone (non-smartphone) featuring a Qualcomm SnapDragon Chipset. Not much is known though but if you I wouldn’t be surprised if the handset was actually powered by Android (or even Windows Mobile) event tough the Arena name suggest otherwise."


Huh? You are putting a F1 engine in a really small car? Why waste all the money? That LG phone not even a smart phone, just a dump phone (feature phone), meaning you can't customize anything with it except the ringtone, hahahahahahahahahah.

I just chui sui only la......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The birth of iPad and it's mission

The legendary of iPad
Remember fairy tale "Snow White"? There was hint of how apple will affect the world......
Can't live without it?
We all grow up with fairy tale, so we believe the magic of apple. At the end, will we be iBroke?
iPad unveil - 6 boxes of manga:
1. People can't wait for it
2. Huh? what is that?
3. Announce the price, where is the people? HAHAHA

Comparison between iPad and Netbook:
Old Steve said "The problem is, netbooks aren't better than ANYTHING". But looking at the chart below, I still think iPad still closer to Ten Commandments.

iPad production:
See how iPad being make. First, take an iPhone, then roll it over with street roller. Alright! big fat iPad.The problem here is the flatten iPhone looks more elegant, but the icons very confusing.

With the introduction of iPad, we would think iPhone should be retire. However iPhone should be rename to keep it alive. Let's name it iPad Nano. The advantage of iPad Nano is it can put into your pocket and it can make phone call! So what is the advantage of iPad then?

Anyway, old Steve always bring us great product. So he should looks like this:

Finally, with iPad starting from $499 to infinite, there is a lot of Benjamin Franklin for old Steve/Apple.
Summary of summary:
This is the end of 3 posting of iPad jokes (I hope!). People still going to line up to buy it. Who care about iBroke? You can take along your iPad down the street and pretend to make a phone call by putting it near to your ear. Other people still will "wow" at you!

Original from:,1.shtml

The truth of iPad

Bang! Apple new product always have very big impact. iPad also have its impact. But do you know the truth about iPad??????

The fact:
Honestly iPad not as portable as iPhone, functionality lack of Netbook and Laptop. Anyway, all these still can't beat the portability and functionality of Vibrator. HAHAHA.

The history:
Some nice people on internet put up some comparison between iPad and Ten Commandments.From the comparison above, Ten Commandments that Moses got is actually an iPad. Archeologist should prove it! HAHAHA.

p/s: I just chui sui only la......

Apple iPad - hot hot hot

I can't help it, this is too funny. I found a chine website making fun of iPad. The stuffs they making fun should be available (or originate) else where, but I am too lazy to find them out. I will just translate them here.

The pre- and current-live of iPad:

Cost of iPad:
This is the chart of cost of making each iPad. This is a knows secret what...... Most of the cost not coming from R&D or producing the product.

Pre-life of iPad:
Actually pre-life of Apple has connection with ancient Chinese empire. The Qin Empire already using Apple's product. They also brought their Apply product into Qin Emperor's tomb to avoid boredom for thousands of years.

iPod Fans:
True fans of iPoad

iPad this life:
iPad is originated by the design of using 4 iPhone, but somehow iPad still can't multitask. (why? why? why?)

The trend:
If iPad is the bigger iPhone, then this year Mac book should bring you the same surprise? See prove below
Big empire:
Chinese like anything that is big. But we don't know that old Steve also like it too. From iPhone to iPad is just the beginning. Slowly we will notice the "taller than you" iWall and then the "taller than Lady Liberty " iMountain.

Original intention:
Okay okay, lets not do too much assumption on future of iPad. Actually we are requesting to remove the keyboard on the Macbook, that is! But how on the earth it become a big fat ugly iPhone (can't make phone call also)?
iPad real application:
Because of big screen of iPad will break easily. Use it on bed also will scare of dropping it. So an mechanical hand is very important. Human will become big fat lazy bum eventually.

iPad real application 2:
The big fat screen looks like a induction cooker. Good for student use for steamboat.

Dunno how to explain. Never mind. :P

p/s: I just chui sui only la......

Still using Windows XP r?

Yes. There are a lot of people still using Windows XP, especially those corporate users still using Windows XP because it is much much more stable than Windows Vista. And why do you need to upgrade to Windows7 if all your stuffs working in Windows XP? If using existing hardware to upgrade to Windows7, most of the time you will suffer, a lot! For small and medium companies, where got money to do these sort of crazy thing? So for Windows XP user out there, something for you to play with Windows XP setting. WARNING: for expert user only. Do not blame me if your computer/laptop/desktop/Windows XP corrupted or suffer some errors after try the stuffs below! :P

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP:

10 cool things you can do with TweakUI:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chocolate that is longer

Alright alright, I am no fan of phone with customized OS since I got myself on WinMo. I like to customize things, like what I did with my HTC Touch (I turned off the Touch Flo, use TouchOne and S2U2). Anyway, it is good to have free phone! Nuffnang is having a contest for top 3 most creative posts to win an LG Chocolate phone (BL40), what can I lose? I could give it to my wife, she wanted to change her phone, but we couldn’t find a reason yet, because her Nokia 1600 still kicking, hahaha.

Anyway, let’s see what this longer Chocolate has:
- 2G (including GPRS and EDGE) and 3G, Bluetooth
- Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g (smart phone with no wifi is a dump idea, hohoho)
- 128 x 51 x 10.9 mm with 129g (it is long lo……)
- TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors (WinMo currently still can’t go to 16M colors)
- 354 x 800 pixels, 4.01 inches (very flat screen lo)
- S-Class Touch UI (Mercedes? :P)
- Muti-touch (like iPhone lo……)
- Dolby Mobile sound enhancement (er…… Dolby on the go? How good is it when you at wet market?)
- 3.5 mm audio jack (very good)
- 1.1 GB internal storage, with extension via microSD up to 32 GB
- 5MP camera, 2560 x 1920 pixels, Schneider-Kreuznach (how to pronounce this???) optics with LED flash
- Second camera for video call (phone without second camera is a fake 3G phone, okay?)
- FM transmitter (interesting, music player for my car?)
- Got GPS! (But how good is the map support/update?)
- TV out (HD or not?)

Geek, check out the spec here:

So people want to be stylist, go get one.
Nuffnang, give one for me for my wife as valentine day’s gift, okay?

Citibank Malaysia did it again!

Today I went to login into Citibank Malaysia online website to pay my electricity and phone bills, however it keep on log me out after I successfully login and try to click to look at statement. After 3 times of trying, then call to the Citibank. The lady told me they were doing some maintainance last night and this login/logout thing will happen. HUH? Why don't you put a notice in the website main page to tell your customer that this is happening? Wasted my time to login, login and login! Citibank Malaysia did it again!

see my other post:

Sketch2Photo: Real or not? Byebye photoshop

According to the website link below, they claim they can let user to sketch a picture and the software(?) will search the internet for related images and put them into one single nice photos.

Does this mean good bye photoshop? Go to the link and see the video for yourself.
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