Monday, June 25, 2012

Disable Intel Graphic Automatic Reduce to 40Hz Refresh Rate

Last year I posted a method on how to change Intel Graphic to 60Hz refresh rate, because 40Hz refresh rate sometime can make our eyes very tired after long hours of looking at it.

The above method however is not permanent and Intel Graphic and Media Control Panel will eventually automatically change 60Hz refresh rate back to 40Hz. At some forum, someone explained that this is method of slowing down the refresh rate to 40Hz is to reduce the power usage, therefore prolong the battery life. However I don't find it much different with the battery life with both setting. The biggest different with battery life is turning on the WiFi.

Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel at

So what can I do to disable the Intel Graphic and Media Control Panel that automatically reduced refresh rate to 40Hz?

So here is the method:
  1. Open Registry Editor by typing "regedit" with the double quote in the "Search Program and Files" box after click the Windows button. Click Yes if UAC ask the usual question.
  2. Go to this registry key:
    •  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class
  3. Now hit Ctrl+F or select find from the edit menu.
  4. Search for: FeatureTestControl
  5. When you find it, change whatever it currently is to f840 (as hex) or 63552(decimal).
  6. Click OK to save it. 
  7. Close Registry Editor and restart. You should noticed that the refresh rate on Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel is always stick with 60Hz refresh rate.
I hope that this tutorial will help you somehow. Happy hacking. :)

Warning: editing registry can be harmful to Windows OS. Please be extra careful, and backup the Windows via Windows Restore or other backup system you use. I am not responsible if your Windows behave strangely or crash due to this registry hacking.

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source: this tutorial I learned from

1 comment:

Mark Wickens said...

Thanks for posting this - I replaced the TFT panel in my X220 with an IPS one and it flickers at 50hz (default) but not 60Hz so this saves a major annoyance!

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