Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MS Fix It Center Online

MS launched new stuff called MS Fix It Center Online.

Here is what MS claimed:
Microsoft Fix it Center Client contains troubleshooters that help detect issues on target PCs and solve them on demand or proactively before you even know they exist!

Automated Troubleshooters

Upon installation of the Fix it Center client, it automatically downloads the latest troubleshooters in our library to your PC. The troubleshooters can “find and fix” issues immediately or “find and notify” you of the issues it detected. The “find and notify” puts you in control – you decide which issues you want the troubleshooters to resolve. No matter what you choose, we show you a report of what was performed on your PC and offer you options to learn or further investigate the issue or submit a support request at Fix it Center Online.

Personalized Experience

When you create an account during the setup of Fix it Center client on your PC, a profile is automatically created for you at Fix it Center Online. During the setup of the client, Fix it Center detects your hardware and software information and securely stores it to your online profile. This information enables Fix it Center to offer and display solutions that are specific to your PC configuration – in an easier to understand manner and without search or information overload.

You can install Fix it Center client on as many PCs you like, and when you use the same sign-in account during the client setup on each PC, the information about all your PCs will be registered in the same account. This makes it easier for owners of small business or heads of families with multiple PCs to manage all computers from a single location yet can view solutions specific for each PC.

Save time when working with customer support

Should you want to request additional support via Fix it Center Online, all the relevant information about your PC as well as the reports from the troubleshooters can be seamlessly included in the support incident request, thus helping you get faster resolutions to your problems and helping reduce the time you spend on the phone with customer support. With Fix it Center, you don’t need to know what Service Pack of Windows XP or what video card your PC has.

Go to: to find out more detail.

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