Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keep emails and attachments on Storage Card for PPC

Free up your PPC device/internal memory by storing emails and attachments on storage card. The default setting on PPC is to store emails and attachment on internal memory, this create problem when you have a lot of emails and big attachments, it will eventually used up all the internal memory on your PPC.
As we know for PPC, the internal memory is limited to 64M(older PPC)/128M/256M(newer PPC), even you have 512M internal memory, it is still limited (sharing with other programs/files as well).
Okay, for PPC with build-in extended memory like Omnia, you should be fine, but I am not sure the default setting on Omnia is to store emails/attachments on device memory or extended memory (Too bad my brother sold his Omnia few month back, else I can check, if you know, please share with me :) )

Here are the steps:
1. Using the file manager in activesync or PPC (like Total Commander), create the following folders on your Storage Card.
Or you can name them whatever you want, "Inbox" or "Emails" for example.

2. Now browse to \Windows\Messaging (SmartPhone) or \Windows\MAPI (PocketPC)
Do this step only if you want to save all of your existing mail, move everything in this directory to the new ones on your Storage Card. I sync my emails from PC to PPC, so I don't need to keep them (I skip this step).

3. Now use your registry editor (again, Total Commander can do this job) and navigate to the following registry:
For WM5 Phones: [ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MAPI ]
For WM6 Phones: [ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Inbox\Settings ]
Then create the following STRING VALUES. Remember to use the paths you created in Step1, if you named them other than MAPI.
Name: AttachPath
String: \Storage Card\MAPI\Attachments

Name: PropertyPath
String: \Storage Card\MAPI

4. Reboot/soft reset your PPC. For WM5, do wait for a while before you soft reset because the system need some time to save the registry. WM6 don't have this problem, you can soft reset immediately.
You should able to see your emails and attachments. If not, double check the string and path your added in registry are match the dir you created in Step1.


p/s: I just perform these steps few days back after I hard reset my HTC Touch Elfin on Apr25, 2010. So I proved this is working for WM6.1!

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