Saturday, April 3, 2010

PC/laptop clean up series: Free up disk space 3

After we reorganized/clean up the personal folders in Outlook, the pst file still using showing up as huge file, although you checked the folder size in Outlook and it said a few hundred megs only of Total size (right click on the top of the personal folder -> "Properties for ...." -> "Folder Size").

You can reduce the physical file size of pst file by doing this:
right click on the top of the personal folder -> "Properties for ...." -> "Advanced..." -> "Compact Now"

This is depend on how big the the pst physical size versus the folder size reported by Outlook, sometime it will take more than 10 minutes or more. Make sure you do this during after office hour or during lunch hour, else the Outlook will hang and waiting until it is done.

Only works with pst files that stores mail locally in your PC/laptop.

I did that few days back and I get back like around 2G of disk space, it is not a lot compare to the disk space available nowaday, but it could be life safer if you running out of disk space.

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