Friday, May 21, 2010

Edit EXIF info and file's date and time

What is EXIF info? It is additional information added to the photo (jpeg/jpg/raw) by digital camera. Depend on your camera, the EXIF will cover info such as camera manufacturer, model number, data and time, exposure, etc etc.

My mum got a new digital camera from Panasonic, not sure either the shop that sell the camera or the friend who help my wife to set it up, he/she set the time to be 12 hours slower. Obviously he/she didn't notice the AM/PM or 24 hours setting. Anyway, after getting the camera, I also didn't check, and start away taking photos. Until I copy the pictures into my computer, then I notice that the time are incorrect, because all 12 hours slower. Not only the file's time and date, but the EXIF info as well. I don't like this happen, because usually I sort my photos during the time and date they taken. So I went to google around. And I found 2 useful software and they are freeware.

1. Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2
Not only you can edit the date and time of your photos' EXIF info, you can do it in bulk. The best feature that I like about this software is all I need to do is to adjust the time different I want to change. Example, all the photos I took on my mum's camera was 12 hours late, so I use the "Adjust the date(s) by:" to add in 12 hours.

2. SetFileDate 2.0
Although Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2 able to edit the EXIF, once I save them, the date and time changed to current date and time, which I don't want. So I found this piece of software to change the create/modified/accessed date of the pictures to the exact date and time you want. Also you can do it in bulk. It can modify for any file, not only pictures. Yes, it is free. However it is lack of the feature like MS Pro Photo Tools 2 to adjust the date and time by adding the days/hours. But good enough for me, because I have a small bunch of them to edit only.

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