Friday, January 27, 2012

Money Laundering and Reshipping Fraud

I subscribed to many newsletter, from IT to finance, just to improve my knowledge, hopefully. Recently I received invitation email to invest in some investment scheme. Undeniable that scheme is very interesting and the return is very good, but I am skeptical even thought it is through a very reliable website. So I did some google-ing. Unfortunately or fortunately for the scheme (and the owner), I can't find any information regarding the scheme on the internet, except the company website. Hopefully is a legitimate scheme. Good luck to those invested in the scheme.

While doing the research on the scheme, I found a interesting website. It is called Money Laundering and Reshipping Fraud, however the link is No body would know the content with the link name, anyway. is a voluntary, non-profit website that dedicated to provide information on fake companies offering part-time, work from home job scams, money mule or money transfer fraud. The website also provide advice from the victim of these mentioned scams.

Even though the website looks like not updated since 2nd May 2010, it is still a very good reference. Those people that creating those kind of scam cannot be too creative enough, similar scams are always being created, it might be different name, but the ultimate goal is to cheat hard-earn money.

The website:
Money Laundering and Reshipping Fraud

Please do some research on internet before you invest in anything.

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