Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Make Your Own Portable Software

Portable software or portable apps is always my favorite. At anytime I have more than 100 portable apps on my PC. The best thing about portable apps are there is no installation needed, just download, unzip and you are ready to use it. Portable apps also will not mess with your file system, unless you allow it to do it. Unlike installed software for example real player is the most stubborn software that likes to take over system setting without user's consensus.

Since USB thumb drive is relatively cheap nowadays, it is very convenient to put all the apps into a thumb drive and run on any PC or laptop that you wanted to.

With so much of the advantages of portable apps, why not make some of your own? For those paid software, I would think as long you don't distributed it, use it on your own, it should not be fine because you already pay for it.

Cameyo is the software that I am talking about.

pix credit: http://www.cameyo.com/

They even made a step-by-step instruction, therefore I am just going to skip this part.

Do download cameyo, go to this link:

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