Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup 2010 on PocketPC

Want to know when is the next match? I found a few ppc software that will do the job.

1. WC 2010 Fixture
This is a paid software, for EUR 2, you can get all the information like complete schedule, standings of each team, until the final round. It also has the info of the cities and stadiums for each match. You can also update the result manually if you don't want to waste money just for the data. Also it detect the time zone you set on your phone and it will show the time and date of each of matches at your local time!

2. Resco WM Mobil 2010 (World Cup 2010)
This is also a paid software. For EUR 5.95, you will also getting the same thing like WC 2010 Fixture. Also there are list of winners and teams that enter the final 3 for each of the world cup since the first world cup since 1930. Unfortunately I cannot update the result manually. But it works like charm on my HTC Touch Elfin, unlike WC 2010 Fixture which kind of slow on my Elfin.

3. South Africa 2010
Similar function, but it should be free. According to the comments on, it will not works on some ppc. Not sure can manual update or no. I didn't try this yet, since WC 2010 Fixture is good enough for me.

4. South Africa WorldCup Pocket 2010
This one also free. Better comments on this software at Should works for all resolutions. Not sure can manual update or not.

5. FIFA 2010
Also a free software. But only works with high resolution like 480x640, or 480x800.

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