Thursday, April 21, 2011

Out of idea to tweet?

You see, sometime we have limitation, some of the day we are really out of idea on what to write on blog. I have a few of that moment. Here, and here. So what do you do if you out of idea of tweeting?

Fear not, if you really out of idea on what to tweet, use this page:

You just need to put in your tweeter name and the page will read all your tweets and randomly mix around your previous tweet to create a new tweet. What I got most of the time is junk! hahah, but what would be enough for your next tweet!
Example I got:
1. Outdated Penang Uncle: take a rest Donkey parallel parking, ADV: WHATBerry! What is Maxthon?
2. Check out Windows 7? Outdated Penang Uncle: The real meaning Uncle: Angry Birds for iPhone - The art of.
3. Outdated Penang Uncle: More on scam Facebook wants to party? BOLEH: only in Windows 7 Keyboard shortcut!

You see what I mean? :)

Btw, we call it 'rojak' in Malaysia and Singapore for mixing up stuffs.

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Jayce said...

I take day off if I can't think of any to write. ^_^

Jz said...

Swt, if I have nothing else to tweet I guess I will just don't tweet. It's all about updating no?

ahsiang said...

@Jayce, yea, sometime I also take day off, unless I just want to talk crap. :P

@Jz, yes, all about updating. :)

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