Friday, April 15, 2011

Running Meego on Laptop

More than a month ago, I was trying out Meego on my laptop and was too lazy to write down the steps in this blog :P ......

I did write a post saying coming soon, but time fly! Before I knew it, it already mid of Apr. Here is the post:

I didn't get Meego for netbook to works, however I manage to get Meego for IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) to run on my laptop, well, on the VirtualBox to be exact. :)

Here are the steps:
1. Download Meego IVI live img from this website:

2. Convert the .img file to .iso using MagicISO:
   Get from here:
     2.1. Run MagicISO
     2.2. "Tools" -> "Convert ..." to open converting window
     2.3. Enter IMG filename to source file editbox.
     2.4. Choose "Standard ISO Image file(.ISO)" as output format..
     2.5. Enter output ISO file name into output file editbox.
     2.6. Click "convert" to process

3. Setup a new Virtual Machine (get it from here if you haven't install it)
     3.1. Launch VirtualBox, "Machine" -> "New" to invoke New Virtual Machine Wizard -> Click "Next"
     3.2. Fill in the name of the Virtual Machine (VM) [Meego-IVI for my case] -> Choose "Linux" for "Operation System" -> Choose "Other Linux" for "Version" -> Click "Next"
     3.3. Choose the memory you wish to use by this Virtual Machine [at least 512M to get Meego-IVI to works properly, else crash!] -> Click "Next"
     3.4. Check "Book Hard Disk", and select "Create new Hard disk" -> Click "Next"
     3.5. click "Next at the "Create New Virtual Disk Wizard" welcome windows -> select "Dynamically expanding storage" [to keep disk usage to minimum] -> Click "Next"
     3.6. Put a name for the virtual hard disk [Meego-IVI in this case]and leave the path to default [......\.VirtualBox\HardDisks], select the size to be 512MB, that should be enough -> click "Next" -> click "Finish" at the Summary windows.
     3.7. Click "Finish" at the Summary windows for "Create New Virtual Machine" -> wait for a while for the virtual machine to appear on the VirtualBox main windows.

4. Mount the .iso file to the newly created Virtual Machine
     4.1. High light the new Virtual Machine [Meego-IVI] and click "Settings"
     4.2. Select "Storage" -> at "Storage Tree", select the "Empty" DVD icon -> at "Attributes", the Slot should be "IDE Secondary Master" -> click the icon for "Open Virtual Media Manager"
     4.3. Click "Add" and locate the .iso file that generate from step2 -> click "Open" to add it to the Virtual Media Manager.
     4.4. High light the .iso -> click "Select" to mount the iso.
     4.5. Click "OK" to close the Settings windows.

5. Fun time!
     5.1. High light the "Meego-IVI" and click "Start"
     5.2. Choose Boot Meego and press enter and wait for it to boot

     5.3. ta-da......

     5.4. Meego is linux, so you can find xterm on it :)

Okay, have fun try it out :)

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Source: myself la, except step2 from internet

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