Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nokia X7 - review

It is another busy week for me, so I am just going to post some video that I grep from WWW. Should have change my blog title to to "outdated and lazy Uncle" :P
Anyway, Nokia is trying very hard to compete to other smartphone manufacturer, but somehow still lagging behind. See the Nokia X7 review video after the jump to find out how. Boy, I look at the spec at gsmarena and it really an outdated stuffs Nokia put in it.

Why do I say it is bad smartphone design, coz it is running Symbian Anna OS with 680 MHz ARM 11 processor. That is really slow! However Nokia compensate it with a very good quality build.

Nokia X7 Unboxing review:

Nokia X7 Hardware review:

Note: incredible slow power up at time 6:45!

Nokia X7 Software review:

Note: super slow web page loading at time 11.55!

Video sample of Nokia X7

So what do you think? Nice or not? Probably you want to get it because of you like Symbian so much.
I still going to get Samsung Galaxy S 2 or HTC Sensation. :D

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