Thursday, June 2, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S 2 screen problem?

 Not too long ago this GS2 is my dream phone, see this and this to find out why. But somehow there is always a fault finder in this world. More detail after the jump......

A members from XDA found out that there is a display problem on GS2, that there is a yellowish on left side of the screen if you turn down the brightness of the GS2.
Detail at XDA forum.

I hope Samsung would quickly fix this problem at least on new device have haven't come out from the factory. But do hope also that Samsung would replace for anyone that own this GS2 with a new and fixed screen of GS2. Anyway, I don't think GS2 users will notice the problem unless they use the phone in dark all the time with low brightness. I am still gonna get this phone if I strike a lottery. :P
Just my 2 cents.

Update: To check the hardware functionality of Samsung Galaxy S 2, do this:
1. Bring up dialpad. 
2. Key in *#0*#. 
3. LCD TEST application will be loaded. 
4. Test SUPER AMOLED Plus display in red, green, blue, white and black colour. Make sure that your AMOLED screen has a perfect colour. 
5. Can also test the front and back camera functionality.
6. Test sensors like accelerometer, proximity, lights, gyroscope and magnetic sensors. 
7. Test the touch screen sensitiveness, etc.
Thanks for this update

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source: THE internet, XDA and me!

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