Saturday, June 18, 2011

SlideIT Keyboard for Windows Mobile is free now!

SlideIt keyboard is the competitor for Swype. Just like Swype, you can tap or slide to write on your touch screen smartphone. Previously you need to pay for SlideIt for Windows Mobile, however now it is free. For how long? I am not sure, I have downloaded it as soon as I found out it is free now. It cost US$5.99 for Android version and €3 for Symbian version.

Detail of SlideIt click here.

The download link for Windows Mobile click here.

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source: mobilism


caftan said...

I went from iPhone to Android specifically for Swype, but SlideIt is even better. The word picker bar is excellent, and the ability to switch to a standard keyboard on the fly is very helpful when you are type passwords with complex characters. I Love IT!

ahsiang said...

hi caftan, I think it is up to the users to choose their own keyboard, there is not right or wrong to use which keyboard. :)

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