Friday, July 15, 2011

Ashampoo Home Designer, Snap 3 And Anti-Malware for free!

Ashampoo is giving out Home Designer, Snap3 and Anti-Malware for free. Not sure how long this will last but I have already downloaded Home Designer and Snap3. I have my preferred Anti-Malware, so no need to download Ashampoo's Anti-Malware.

Personally I have tried Home Designer before. These are some skills to master, but after that you can do your own home design in 3D! And do it in 3D is totally different than do it in 2D/paper. You have different perspective view and you can really have a good feeling of the home design you always wanted.

As for Snap3, I just gonna try it out to see any special. This is because I already have freeware to do video capture on my PC. Why not just try out because it is free! :)

The normal price for these software is $39 (US dolar) each!, so why not save yourself some money and download them from the link below. :)

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