Friday, July 29, 2011

Bins - Taskbar Organizer for Windows

What do you think about this picture?
Noticed there are 2 groups of taskbar icons? Nice? I can group even more groups, just that I don't think I have too many taskbar now after moving all the browsers into one group.

This software is made by the people that made ObjectDock, DellDock, and Fences. Bins is the software.

Unfortunately, it works for Windows 7 only (all version). Sorry for Windows XP and Vista.

After you install it and proper setup done, just drag the taskbar to the another that you want to group them. If you wish to un-group one of them, just drag it out of the group. That's it, very simple!
And since it is beta, so do expect some bugs.

And now my taskbar is much more cleaner because I always open more than 20 applications at same time.

Where can you get it?
Get it now, because it is still in beta and it is free! So be fast.
I think they will start charging when it goes to official release.

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