Thursday, July 21, 2011

iUser for iPad - multi users login - jailbreak require

Note this: jailbreak require to enable this apps or feature. If you don't want to do jailbreak, go buy another iPad. :P

Okay, back to this iUser.

Apple created iPad for individual only and not for family, so what if you want to share the iPad but don't want to have each user interfere others user setting such as safari bookmark, twitter account, facebook login, etc? The quick way is to buy another iPad, but this could break the bank account for some of the family. 90/10 rules says that 90% of the wealth in this world control/own by 10% of people in this world. You see what I mean? :)

With this iUser, you can have multi users login, just like Windows! Who said Windows sucks? :P

This apps is now available at Cydia [jailbreak source! :) ]

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source: i wrote this after reading it at engadget :P


bbtoo said...

how I wish I can unlock my iphone 3gs but don't know what to do though

ahsiang said...

@bbtoo, you can google "iphone jailbreak", it will show you a lot of website to show you how to unlock :)

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