Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Captcha.Trader for JDownloader and MiPony

File-server services always being linked to piracy. A lot of songs, video, apk (Android setup file), software, PDF that supposedly need to be pay first before download legally from the original or authorized websites, but they are being cracked and put in to file-server and share publicly and the link being distribute worldwide. File-server actually being serve as temporary storage to send huge files for research and development in many area, from universities to private sectors.

Some of us need to download homework or huge result files from file-server that being upload by a friend at another side of the planet. Of course it is convenient to download directly using web browser, it is good for small file, but for huge file like a few GB, there is no way we can wait for days for the download to complete. Furthermore, some web browsers will time out, so we have to start the download all over again.

So some nice people out there wrote some nice softwares for us to manage these download, example MiPony and JDownloader. We can put all the links to the files we want to download and let the software manage them. However the captcha still has to be key-in manually by human (a.k.a. us). If your counterpart at Brazil uploaded 100 files, then you have to key-in 100 times the captcha and not once, but every time before the download begin on each file. We should be focusing on our the real work, not on downloading. So Captcha.Trader come to the picture.

I can download the Captcha.Trader plugins and then add into JDownloader and MiPony, so that Captcha.Trader will solve the captcha for me. You can either buy some credits or start resolve some captcha and earn credits before you want to use it for download purpose.

Captcha.Trader also works for Android (CaptchaDroid), WP7 (CaptchaToGo), and iOS (MobiCaptcha).

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