Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple Thunderbolt Display teardown

This Apple Thunderbolt Display is the first Thunderbolt display in this world. Of course it is the first one, because no one else making this, or is there anyone else? Anyway, Steve always did a good job to come out something is not new but people still think it is something out of this world, probably an extraterrestrial technology. :P
Opps... Talking too much and too far away. HAHAHA.

Okay, this Apple Thunderbolt Display is quite impressive, you can use it to charge your mac book or mac book air while using it to extend your display. So no more messy cables and plugs and hubs and whatever, which Apple always does a good job on this while other PC/smartphone makers lack of.

This display also have a sub-woofer build-in, Apple claimed that it sounds good, I haven't seen it in Apple store near to my place, will let you know once I listen to it. :D

So here is the teardown of Apple Thunderbolt Display, by the famous iFixit:

If you prefer, you can view the teardown at iFixit website by clicking this link:
Apple Thunderbolt Display Teardown

And the detail or marketing side of this Thurderbolt DISPLAY you can go to Apple website:

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source: iFixit and Apple

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