Thursday, October 13, 2011

Target website

Initially I want to post this in a few more days, however if the website is up and running by that time, then my post will make no sense right? Every minute count in this world wide wild web.

Okay, back to this website.

I want to look for GPS prices in website just for reference, however I can't access it. I tried IE, FireFox, and Chrome. I just change my laptop recently and still tied up with work, so no Safari, Opera and other rare browsers yet. :P

Anyway, why access denied? Is someone just lock out the server from outside world? See the print screen. I got the same message on all 3 browsers.

I also tried deeper link, meaning search in google and get the long long link to goes to GPS section, but still getting same error.

Target, please fix this.

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source: I wrote this! HAHA

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