Friday, October 21, 2011

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S 2

You have seen the unboxing of iPhone 4S and teardown of iPhone 4S, so how does it compare to the best non-apple/iphone smartphone out there? To do the comparison, put out a side-by-side comparison video between iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S 2.

Because this video is not made by Mr Miniman, so just cut the crap and jump to 3.52 time (don't waste your time if you already know what are the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and iPhone 4S).
If you just to know the browser speed, just jump to 10:00 time.

If you like more of the technical stuffs of these 2 smartphone that have dual core processor, head to this link below for the hardware comparison at gsmarena:
Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs iPhone 4S

So have you made up your mind? Samsung Galaxy S 2 or iPhone 4S? Or just pick up a dump phone from Nokia if you just making phone calls and sms. :P

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source: and youtube!


Adino said...

I really hope Samsung have learned from all the mistakes they made with the first Galaxy S. E.g. GPS issues, storage performance issues and slow Android updates. Having said that, both phones are quite similar in terms of hardware so the decision will depend on the user interface experience and the apps available.

Having used a Samsung Galaxy S for more than a year, I don't mind giving the iPhone a try :)

Luttapi Kuttoossan said...

Wow, that is great. Is this a Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 or is it locked one ?

ahsiang said...

@Adino, I agree. It is depend on the user preference.

@Luttapi, it should be a unlocked SGS2.

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