Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 or D6503 or Sirius

Whatever, this yet to be announce Sony latest Android looks cool! However I still don't like Sony putting so much of area for bezel only.

Another thing that I noticed from the video, the 'click' sound is every touch on the screen is very annoying!

Here is a list of feature that you want to check out:
Time - Feature
0:11 - Exterior
1:05 - boot up
1:36 - home screen and the launcher
4:15 - "simple" home screen - which is good during driving or older people
7:45 - camera and it's apps
8:12 - 4K video!
10:14 - proof of 20Mpixel camera
10:38 - playing a video - Smurfs 2 Trailer!
11:45 - Album - not sure which version. Thanks to XDA, I have a port version in my SGS2 (older version). Btw, Apple sort of copied the similar idea into iOS.

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