Thursday, July 31, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Teardown

Samsung has very smart strategy on smartphone which is to create a phone for any segment. However it is losing it's market share thanks to China's brand such as Huawei, Xiao Mi, etc. Actually I am very tempted to buy Mi 3, you don't get that kind of spec with the same price on Samsung. Right now I don't get the price of S5 Mini in Malaysia, so I can't compare it with Mi 3. Mi 3 is almost like S4, but S4 cost ~RM1300 (~400USD) in Malaysia while Mi3 selling at ~RM750 (~235USD). Samsung, you need cut the price!

Here is Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Teardown:

Or read it in iFixIt website:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Teardown

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source: teardown from iFixIt, others I wrote it with help from google ;)

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