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Internet Browser Showdown (For Windows)

It is already 2nd day of February of 2015. Have you kick-start any of your resolution? I have dump resolution method few years back. I don't create a few resolutions on New Year day, but then regret that I never do anything about it. I just don't do that anymore. Nowadays I only focus on the work on the life goal that I have. Some are big goals, so that need a few years to complete.

For Internet Browser Showdown post, I only compare on Windows. I might be doing for Android, maybe, hahaha.

I used peacekeeper from futuremark to do the comparison. This is just a data only, it is the daily experience the matter the most for you.
peacekeeper will do many tests and at the end it will give the total score. Many of the test are focusing on HTML5 (which youtube have moved to) as well as playing different kind of video (codec) on the fly.

In this post I also focus on the total score with some personal experience on these browsers. Bracket is the version that I used for the test.

So who is the champion? Let's start from the bottom of the packs.

1. Internet Explorer (11.0.9600.17416)- score=2602
The worst score must be coming from Internet Explorer! The version that I used is IE11. It only has 4 out of 7 HTML5 capabilities. Maybe people stuck with IE because that is the only web browser approve by their company. Personal laptop/desktop would just leave the IE alone from the moment Chrome or other web browser being installed. The only IE being use is to download Chrome or other browsers. That's what happen to my 1 year old HP laptop.

2. Pale Moon (25.2.1 x64) - score=2873
Pale Moon supposedly the better FireFox. It is the lighter and faster FireFox, at least claimed by Pale Moon and many people. I was surprised by the result. HTML5 is 7 out of 7. But other tests drag the total score low. I like the speed of Pale Moon on android, so far I feel it is the fastest. I might do an android web browser showdown in future.

3. Chrome Production (40.0.2214.91 m) - score=3883
This is my daily driver, I basically do all my online surfing on this browser. This caught me surprised as well because it score lower than other popular browsers. One of the thing to get this browser run smoothly is to have at least 8GB of RAM on your Windows8 and above.

4. Opera (27.0.1689.54) - score=4070
Even though it is fast, some people stay away from it because lack of add-ons choices that we enjoyed on Chrome. If you are just purely surf net, Opera is always a good choice.

5. Chrome Canary (42.0.2289.0) - score=4113
For those who don't know what is Chrome Canary, Chrome Canary is like beta of Chrome Production. Google let people try out new features on Canary and after getting feedback and fixes, the features then push down to Chrome Canary. Not too long ago, there was a bug that the Chrome Canary keep on running with high CPU usage even though just one website page (any site) being loaded. Recent update has get rid of the issue.

6. Vivaldi ( Developer Build) - score=4221
Vivaldi is the new creation of the original creator of Opera. The creator of Opera left Opera because Opera no longer going to the direction he desire, therefore he left and created Vivaldi. Indeed it is quite fast, putting Chrome and Opera behind.
created by the creator of Opera

7. FireFox (35.0.1) - score=4445
The number one of this showdown is FireFox. FireFox was my daily driver until I feel it is too slow. That was few years back, when they haven't switch to Chormium. It was memory hog back then because of memory leak issue. I seldom use it nowadays but only use it for the DownThemAll add-ons. It is still the best downloader.

There you go, the speed showdown of Internet Browser. Which one is your pick? Let me know the comment.

p/s: I don't do for Safari, because I don't like Safari, that's all.

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