Sunday, April 4, 2010

PC/laptop life saver series: File recovery 1

You deleted a file and you are not sending it to recycle bin, but suddenly you realize you still need to file, ouch! What shall you do? Luckily there are nice people out there that write some awesome and free software for us to use. We can use them to recover the lost file and you are safe!

There is not preference which one is better than other, it all depend on your need. So here is first one I want to introduce to you:

PC Inspector
The author of this software claim that:
  • Finds partitions automatically, even if the boot sector or FAT has been erased or damaged
  • Recovers files with the original time and date stamp
  • Supports the saving of recovered files on network drives
  • Recovers files, even when a header entry is no longer available. Competition products cannot recover such files. The "Special Recovery Function" supports the following disk formats:
    ARJ | AVI | BMP | CDR | DOC | DXF | DBF | XLS | EXE
    GIF | HLP | HTML | HTM | JPG | LZH | MID | MOV | MP3
    PDF | PNG | RTF | TAR | TIF | WAV | ZIP
Best of all, it is FREE!

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