Friday, March 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Teardown

Even though Samsung have just announced Samsung Galaxy S 4 couple hours ago, a Chinese website managed to get hold of SGS4 (should be sample or engineering unit) and give it a teardown. The info they have on each IC is not as good as iFixIt, but still good to look inside of this SGS4 right?

Ready or not, here we go:
[in square bracket is confirmed data or something that I wanted to say]

1. Teardown of SGS4 [ta~da~!]

2. Some crack on the plastic back on this engineering unit of SGS4.

3. Dual SIM, and microSD slot. This unit is a 16GB version.

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4. Battery is made by Samsung's SDI company. 3.8V/9.88Wh. Speculated 2600mAh. [Confirmed]

5. Same like previous generations of Galaxy, no tricky parts, uses normal screws. [nice!]

6. Zoom in to the screws of SGS4. (say cheese guys :P)

7. SGS4's bottom module. Including vibrator and speakers.

8. SGS4's vibrator.

9. SGS4's interior design. [huh?]

10. MicroUSB connector. Supports OTG, reinforced with alloy, can be use as heat sink for the connector.

11. SGS4's main IC's are on top half of main board. This main board is screwed on the front casing.

12. Inside of SGS4.

13. SGS4's ear phone socket zoom in. [say cheese!]

14. Front facing camera with GT-i9500 code (small pix). Front camera, light detector, proxi sensor, and speaker.

15. Main board, connected with bendable PCB to the front board.

16. Heat sink (small pix) which designed to cool down the CPU.

17. Now let's look at the ICs. First up, Synaptics touch controller, hidden on the front board.

18. The 13MegaPixel of SGS4. Added a shield that makes it look huge.

19. Independent image processors to process the images from the 13MegaPixel camera.

20. Similar to dual SIM version of Note2, SIM slot hook up through soft PCB.

21. Under the shield, the real look of SGS4 main board.

22. TriQuint chips, quad-band signal amplifier.

23. SPY NA794 is being used with the TriQuint on picture no.22.

24. Intel PMB5745 is baseband chip.

25. SKY77615-11 is power amplifier.

26. Unknown. [duh]

27. Sammi's own pmic driver chip.

28. Back of SGS4 main board.

29. Samsung Exynos 5410 8core CPU. Packed with 2GB RAM.

30. Samsung's 16GB on-board memory.

31. Another Intel Chip? [The chinese website said it is iintel chip, but everyone can recognize the intel logo, duh]

32. ATMEL chip.

33. Qualcomm GSM baseband chip.

34. winbond cache memory chip.

35. Boardcom GPS chip.

36. That's all!

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