Thursday, September 23, 2010

Show Desktop in Windows 7

I have migrated to Windows 7 recently, and was a jump straight from Windows XP, not Vista. It is not really a struggling process for me because of a lot of different between Windows XP and Windows 7, because I am OutdatedPenangUncle!
Just joking. :)
Seriously, with the help of search engines, I can get the answers to a lot of questions and issues on Windows 7 and solve it instantly.
One of the big problem I have with Windows 7 is the desktop icons will lost it's locations during switching screen resolution and/or toggling between single and extended windows, I haven't have the solution yet, because I tried a few so-called solutions but they are not working. I will post the solution once I find out, so stay tune or please subscribe to the feed (
Another problem with Windows 7 is the missing "Show Desktop" button from taskbar. I found a few so-called solutions, but it is not what I wanted. What I want is a click and the it minimize all the windows! And then I found out that the "Show Desktop" button has been moved to the right most of the taskbar, yes, it is the small rectangular on the right most of the taskbar. Go ahead click it and click it again to get a fell of it. You got it? Great! Thanks for reading.
I am using Windows 7 Enterprise btw.

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Anonymous said...

Good Post and thanks for sharing it.. :)

ahsiang said...

you are welcome harjeet.

Egrove System said...

Excellent post about windows 7, Thanks for the valuable information to share with us

ahsiang said...

Thanks Engrove System

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