Saturday, November 20, 2010

WIMAX service providers that failed

Everyone knows WIMAX right? I love the concept of WIMAX because:

1. it has faster speed than WIFI
2. it has wider coverage than WIFI
With this, basically you can surf everywhere! In your bedroom, house, car, car park, shopping mall, wet market, etc etc etc.
LTE supposedly is the competing 4G technology with WIMAX, but I don't care who wins, what most important is the consumers wins! :)

Okay okay, so Malaysian government supposedly granted a few licenses of WIMAX to a few companies few years back. So far only one is really providing the WIMAX service to comsumers, which is PiOne (can't use real name, people will sue, you know). The coverage and speed you all know already. If you don't, do search forum ;)

So, another one of the WIMAX company is taking off recently, this one is called Y.E.A.X (close enough, you know, can't use real name!). So I want to know more of their service, so google it and go to the company website right? Yeah right, after like 30 mins of waiting plus surfing other WWW and blogs, this Y.E.A.X still can't load the first page. This can't be right? I can surf, I can twit, I can write blog, but this pathetic WIMAX company's website is not working. See the picture, it is like that for more than 30 mins, keep on loading but nothing come out:

What supposedly the service they will provide then?

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