Thursday, July 23, 2009

pTravelAlarm for pocket PC

The original Alarms that comes with Windows Mobile has some limitations:
1. only 3 alarm settings
2. the snooze button too small (just like task's reminder)
3. I don't like the alarm sound, although there are a few sounds to choose

pTravelAlarm overcome the limitations mentioned above:
1. big display, yea, anybody would need it when try know the time and see if can sleep for another 10 mins or not.

2. big snooze button, yea, I could easily press the snooze button and continue to sleep for another 10 mins (up to you to set it)

3. 10 alarms settings, yea, you could define different wake up hour from monday to sunday and still have 3 more you can use. Also you can have different alarm sound to wake you up for each day.

4. I like one of wave file came with the software - bugle.wav, yea, it sounds like the horn blow sound in military movies.
5. I could adjust the volume of the alarm sound for each alarm setting.

Anyway, today topic is very dry. Compansate yourself by look at the photos on Mr. Dali's blog la,, heheh.

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