Monday, July 13, 2009

terracrosser - Better than "Google Maps for mobile"

As promised in previous post, terracrosser offer a much better map viewer than google map for mobile. Actually this terracrosser used another program called mapper.exe (which come with the downloaded package) to download the maps from google map and yahoo map on your laptop/desktop. It then compiled the maps into a file that can be read by the terracrosser. The only trick is to copy the map file into your ppc.

This is much much much x12 better than google map for mobile la. why? coz google map for mobile required GPRS data connection. GPRS is very costly in my country (Malaysia). So why bother to make it only works with GPRS only? why not wifi? Why the smart engineers at Google make it such a way? That might be some marketing gimmick. Mobile providers: "You make the program become blood sucker and we share share the profit la"
Goooooogle: "sure, anything you say taukeh"

Anyway, back to terracrosser, you can download maps from google map and yahoo map, and choose the level of zoom. The more zoom-in, the bigger the file size lo. So if you have a few more Gigs to spare on your ppc's external memory card, why not? heheheh.

I have downloaded Penang island, Penang mainland, Taiping, Ipoh and Cameron Highland's maps from google and view them on my HTC Touch after copy the map files into it. If your ppc have GPS then even better, you can use it as a navigator. Syok!

Anyway, remember to read the disclaimer at below of the page before you try out ya, heheh.

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