Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sprite backup

This is the first software that I installed on my HTC touch by myself.

The shop that I purchased this phone already helped me to installed a few useful and un-useful (:P) software. I will go thru them one by one, hopefully I have time to do that. :)

I know I am going to do lots of funny stuffs on the phone, so backup is the first one I need to install.

Luckily this backup software came with the software CD, so I don't need to pay for it.
You need to install it on your PC/desktop/laptop first then it will ask for connection to your phone and it will install it on the phone. After a few times of rebooting your phone, it will eventually backup important files from \Windows and some others dir (I didn't check, don't ask).

I haven't went to the situation that need to restore from backup, so don't ask the restore. Actually it is very simple only, hook up your phone with PC, select ActiveSync (file access only wouldn't work), start the software on PC, select backup or restore, thats all.

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