Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Voice commander for pocket PC

I did notice I got this software came with my phone but I didn't understand the usage until after a few weeks after I got the phone when I read the ads about apple iphone 3GS talking about voice recognition somethings. Then I thought, what the hack, I got this thing all this while on my phone! Wau lau eh...... apple, apple, now only you try to bluff people that this is very new thing on iphone. oh ya, this is new to iphone 3GS la, but this thing already exist in pocket pc/smartphone all this while already. But have to recognized apple's expertise in marketing, people will buy it anyway. When you take out any iphone, your friends will say 'wah.... iphone wor.....', or at least they will raise the eyebrow a bit lo. When I take out my phone, people will ask 'what is that? oh...... htc touch/pocket pc, why not buy Iphone r?' :P Anyway, I tend to always chui sui until too far.

Back to the topic, I was playing with this voice commander a bit only, but only know that this is very useful until I got my own outdatedpenanguncle bluetooth headset (will talk about it in near future, hopefully). I dunno is it the bluetooth setting or the voice commander setting (dun ask), but when I press the call button on the bluetooth headset, the voice commander will be activated and asking for my command on the bluetooth headset. This is very useful when I am driving, I don't need to look at the screen of the phone to look for a contact to call (safety safety!), I just need to say "call abc", and it will verify it before it make the phone call. It also can be use to find contact, play music, start an application, check new sms/email, call history and ask for the time. I haven't really got familiar with this software, so sometime it do other things that I said. This happen often when I use it on the old plotong car, but it responded quite accurate in a room. So this must be the glitch caused by noisy sound from the old plotong la.

Did I get any incentive from doing the software introduction/review? Not now, but if really got software company want to rasuah me, I might blow blow a bit for them lo. What to do? Money can buy almost everything what...... Hey apple, rasuah me la, a few biji of your stock also can liao. :P

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